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How Does Bioenergy Therapy Work?

Bioenergy Therapy works with the vital life bioenergy long recognized in Eastern medicine, and now being understood in the West. Some healing modalities use externals such as needles (acupuncture), or forceful tissue manipulation (deep tissue massage). Bioenergy Therapy is completely noninvasive, combining techniques to clear the bioenergy field with more focused bioenergy and gentle touch to remove blockages, and thereby affect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Illness, injury, emotional upset or spiritual distress can block, unbalance or deplete the bioenergy flow. Bioenergy Therapy and similar healing modalities help to relieve the blockage, restore balance, and replenish the bioenergy system, thereby re-establishing the mind/body/spirit connection, enabling the body to heal itself.

Everything that we do, and everything that happens to us, affects our bioenergy system on many levels. Therefore, when negative bioenergy is cleared from a person's bioenergy field, and blockages are removed from the bioenergy system, positive bioenergy can flow smoothly and freely within the person's bioenergy system, and healing can occur.

What Bioenergy Therapy Helps

Clinical studies at the Touch Research Institute, and at other organizations and universities show the value of hands-on therapies such as Bioenergy Therapy. With Bioenergy Therapy:

These clinical studies and many years of client therapy have shown Bioenergy Therapy to be helpful in a wide variety of conditions including:

What To Expect In A Typical Bioenergy Therapy Session?

During the initial dialog, I ask the client to share with me what has been going on with her or him, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is helpful for me to know all of these aspects of the client's history, since all of them affect how we feel, and whether we are well or ill.

During a session, the client remains fully clothed, except for shoes and jewelry.

To begin a session, I lightly touch the client's shoulders to establish an energy connection between us; then, I lightly touch the client's feet to ground us both to the Earth. From that point on the work I perform occurs completely within the person's bioenergy field.

Every healing session is deeply relaxing, and many clients take a nap while I work. Those who remain conscious during the session often feel as if they are asleep at the same time. Even when the client remains fully conscious her/his metabolism will slow down to a sleep-like state. This deep relaxation is, in itself, very healing

Common sensations that clients report experiencing during a session include..

Some clients describe feeling as if they were in water, with waves (of bioenergy) moving over and through their bodies. One woman related that it felt as if she had been standing under a waterfall and the water was flowing through her body as well as around it. Another said that, while my hands were 8-10" from her body, it felt as though her internal organs were being massaged.

Specific sensations may vary from one client to another. Even for a given client, the sensations may differ from one session to the next.

It is important to note that our bodies remember everything that happens to us, good and bad. Emotional traumas can be held somewhere in the body, and often manifest themselves in physical discomfort. During the course of this healing work, those issues may come to the surface.

When they do, the client has the opportunity to let go of an issue and to be at peace with it. As a result, most clients experience an improved overall sense of well-being.





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