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Raymon GraceAdvanced Dowsing, Healing &
Self Empowerment Seminar
With Raymon Grace

Saturday/Sunday, October 15 & 16, 2015
9:00 AM- 5:00 PM each day

An enlightening seminar by Raymon Grace on how to use dowsing to shift energy, raise vibrations, purify water and much more, given with humor, humility, and a wealth of insight; based on his best-selling books, "Techniques that Work for Me" and, "The Future is Yours." This seminar is for anyone who wishes to learn these age-old techniques, shift energy, and integrate it into their daily life, and for those who are already dowsing and want to sharpen their skills.


Learn How To:

Real life examples will be given on all the techniques taught each day.
Time will be provided for question and answer sessions.

Seminar Fees:

Saturday & Sunday: $325 with $100 deposit.
Saturday OR Sunday: $150 with $100 deposit.

Deposits must be made at least 30 days before the class. Your deposit check will not be cashed. It will be held until the day of the class. Bring the payment for the class in cash and your check will be returned to you.

Space is limited. Reserve your place in this exciting seminar today!


Contact & Registration:

David M. McMahon, N.D.
PO Box 1883
King, NC 27021-1883
Email: David@daystarr.com
Web: www.daystarr.com
Phone/text: 336.650.3265

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Seminar Location:

Quality Inn & Suites Hanes Mall
2008 S. Hawthorne Road
Winston Salem, NC, 27103
Phone: (336) 765-6670

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Raymon's Bio:

He has authored three books:

"The Future is Yours - Do Something About It" which combines mind development, shamanism, dowsing, healing, and self-empowerment.
"Techniques That Work For Me" is an advanced dowsing manual.
"Seasons of April - How to Help Your Kids Succeed" tells how he used mental techniques and positive thinking to raise his daughter April.
He has also produced a video on purifying and energizing water.

Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation,  is a  dowser, lecturer and author of  3 books, “The Future is Yours—Do Something About It”, “Techniques That Work For Me” and “Seasons of April.” He has created 18 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 37 years. His books have all been printed in both English and Chinese. His work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self improvement. His newsletter reaches people in 35 countries.  

He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well known "Coast to Coast AM Radio."

He is a down-to-earth plain-spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. He’s real. Visit his websites at:


Here are a couple of recent letters from some who had attended my class:


I just wanted to say that your class last week end in Charlottesville blew me away!  I have been a Reiki practitioner for years, but your concepts of using intent to heal at a distance are a quantum leap above any hands on methods.  I wanted you to know how much I learned.  I must have taken 30 pages of notes.  I am on the fourth reading of your book.  I always get something new out of it.  I have been using your check list to help my family and friends.  Your clearing of the many things on the list from me has made me feel completely different.  I feel more confident about life and that things will work out well.  :-)

Bless you,



Hi Raymon,

During the seminar at Poplar Grove Dec 5-6, 2009, you taught me how to get to my Medicine Place.  You told us to pick someone to work on in our Medicine Place. I chose my boyfriend Scott. Scott had smoked cigarettes for 7+ years and it didn't look like he was going to stop any time soon. But, after putting him in the Medicine Place, Scott hasn't had a cigarette since December 5th. My intent was to ease his mind.

I've had clean, good tasting water for about 4 months. I bought the Energizing Water II CD. Sometimes my water changes back to the way it was originally. But, all I have to do is play the CD, and after I have clean water again.

Thank you for teaching us,


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